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Welcome to Innovative Blocks where the new approach to construction with containers will soon blow the minds of anyone seeking to build homes in a more economic, innovative, eco friendly manner. Our process will soon ease the process to acquisition, building and homeowners worldwide with a surge in container living.

Who We Are

Innovative Blocks is a construction company that aims to provide many different elements of construction from residential to commercial structures with various forms for various purposes with the use of durable material to create adaptive shipping containers. These steel structure units seem to be the most suitable and reliable components for construction of detachable or momentary structures such as recreational structures, offices, public spaces, homes, event centers, and all sorts of desired structures intended for shelter. Our practical and sustainable structures do not only possess aesthetic appeal, but also saves cost, cuts down on building time, but also cuts down on every prospective environmental and structural-related risk to the slightest minimal.

What We Do

What we do at Innovative Blocks is nothing less than mind blowing. So, Buckle your seat belts and allow our team to take your mind on a container tour. Imagine the shipping containers that you see being shipped from country to country, Yes, we are on the right track, we utilize containers to build dream homes and business for our clients daily. We tend to often speak about living green and eco friendly, but traditional homes go through the process of cutting down our trees to build homes daily for wood. With Innovative Blocks we take the shipping containers that are not being utilized and build homes that are In line with the attempt towards provision of comfort, luxury, and other fundamental human shelter-related needs, the Innovative Blocks intermodal structure constructed by detachable steel components is an innovation to exploit technology and remedy cases of cost, time management, flexibility, durability, and various forms of human desires in a home, office, public space, or other shelter requisite for our environment.

The Innovative Block structures have insightful economic impacts that are constructed in various standard sizes by steel frames with the flexibility of enabling the client or owner to have any desired structure, by reshaping it in any style, square foot and design imaginable. The units are not just designed with glamorous aesthetic appeals, but also, in fulfillment of structural functionality with regards to the building codes.

Benefits of Owning a Container Home

  1. 1
    Cost and Time Minimization
    Innovative Blocks structures are designed to save your time and cost, compared to the traditionally built structures. Your custom structures are designed to be coupled on site within the shortest period of time from shipment, as well as saving your construction cost by a minimum of 20%. However, construction cost control may vary, depending on your choice, type, size, and shape of design.
  2. 2
    Thermal Regulation
    The Innovative Blocks components are built with extremely proficient thermal regulating insulators meeting ventilation requirements by their effective temperature control aptitude. They possess heating and cooling systems with surmounting capacities to that of traditionally erected structures.
  3. 3
    Strength and Durability
    Our components are built with strong and durable specified materials to preserve the reliability of your structure and to withstand imposed and super-imposed loads, environmental hazards and natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. The reliability and durability of your IB structure cannot be compromised irrespective of the removal of any component from the walls. We also use materials that can with stand fire up to a very high temperature for fire protection in your structure.
  4. 4
    Custom Friendly
    Although IB units do come in standard sizes, they can also be customized into various shapes and sizes, square feet in accordance with the design and specifications of your choice. You may request to retain the shape and adjust the size of your desired custom unit, or make complete adjustment to however your choose for your design. Our design team can maker sure every part of your design is to your dream specifications.
  5. 5
    Innovative Blocks structures are designed with specifications of materials which attribute them with high level of resistance to fire, water, wind, rust, temperature, and pest having their components designed and built in conformity with the building safety codes.
  6. 6
    In attempts to satisfy and meet your to comfort and demands, components are designed and built to be interchanged into various unique shapes of your choice, and also, to exhibit flexibility in terms being easily moved from one environment, community, state, and even one country to another. Our structure is a home you can take with you, wherever you go if desired or needed.
We provide Commercial and Resedential Container Services. No Project is too small or large for our team.

Sports Complex
Event Centers
Shopping Centers
and More.. You Name we can Contain It!

How to get started
How to Get Started

• Create a Budget
• Get Pre Approval With a Lender
• Select Land for Building Upon
• Select Your Custom Container Home Design & Get Design Composed
• Get with our In House Team to Get Inspection Orders Set
• Get Started Building Your Dream Container

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What People Are Saying

Don't take our word for it, see what our clients have to say...

I never imagined having a container home built would save me money and allow me to have everything that I wanted to have in my dream home. The time that Innovative Blocks saved me and the money I saved and the chic and creative look of my home. - Lavior Harris

To design my own custom container home and have this contemporary home built with the safety measures that prevent any damage to my home in the future is more than amazing. It's a dream come true. - Luis Chavez

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